JOBS for PEACE and RESILIENCE: Strengthening natural disaster resilience of rural communities and micro and small enterprises in the North and South West of Sri Lanka

The objective of this intervention is to contribute to implement the National Policy on building resilience and disaster mitigation measures by developing and demonstrating effective models in rural communities with special attention on the North and the South West of Sri Lanka where the recurrence of natural disasters is high.

Target Beneficiaries:

• Disaster affected rural communities in the North and the South West of Sri Lanka
• Government Authorities who are involved in land and water management

Project Objectives:

This project intends to support the improvement of livelihoods by strengthening disaster resilience in flood / landslide -affected communities in selected districts in the Southwest and drought affected communities in Northern Province.


  1. Introducing improved land and water resource management practices that build resilience in disaster prone districts.
  2. Supporting policy coherence by integrating “livelihood resilience building” within existing national rural development programmes including disaster response programmes for floods and droughts

Expected Results

• Respective Government structures and technical agencies strengthened in improving land and water management practices
• Appropriate interventions implemented to improve land and water use in water catchment areas.
• Combination of measures including agriculture extension services for improved/new farming practices introduced
• Long term viable strategy for improved land management practices formulated
• Disaster resilience and preparedness of SMEs strengthened through business continuity planning, improved access to finance and insurance
• SMEs supported on better integration into value chains and improved market access
• Government programmes and agencies providing SME support strengthened