National consultation and training on Occupational Safety and Health International Labour Standards

The consultation and Training in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour Relations and Foreign Employment will support ILO constituents and relevant state institutions in understanding the international labour standards on Occupational Safety and Health, towards greater compliance through national law and policy.

The Consultation and Training will provide an overview on International labour standards, how these standards are developed and adopted, impact of these instruments on labour and social policy, backed up by a system of supervision to address all types of problems arising in their application at the national level, with particular reference to Occupational Safety and Health.

The Objectives are for Government, Employers' representatives and Workers' representatives to (1) enhance their knowledge on the ILO’s normative framework and the ILO's Supervisory Mechanisms; and (2) update them on Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) as a fundamental principles & rights at work; and (3) identify gaps between C155 and C187 with national laws and policies towards better compliance with the international labour standards.