Promoting Decent work for invisible workers in South Asia National Consultation

Sri Lanka national consultation on home based and informal workers in global supply chains

"Towards fair and sustainable global supply chains: promoting formalisation and decent work for invisible workers in South Asia" (Sustainable Global Supply Chains in South Asia) is an ILO and Government of Japan sub-regional initiative.

The project is geared towards promoting decent work in global supply chains -- specifically for those workers who are engaged at the lower tiers of the supply chains: including workers in informal economy, home workers and home-based workers, and reaching out to sub contractors, and medium and small enterprises in the informal economy in South Asia with interventions in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

As an inception activity, a national consultation on visibiling home based and informal workers in supply chains is being organised in Colombo. Its purpose is to discuss the issues and challenges of informal workers and home based workers in lower tiers of the global and (domestic) supply chains and possible actions to promote decent work for these invisible workers.

The Consultation will also discuss the issues of productive, competitive and sustainable enterprises, especially the micro and home-based enterprises, and how tripartite and multi-stakeholder initiatives can contribute towards enabling decent work.

This activity contributes to DWCP 2018-2022 Outcome 1.1 (Sri Lankan workforce have more and better employment opportunities) and Outcome 3.3 (Improved social protection for all workers with special focus on informal workers) and is aligned with ILO P&B 2018-2019 Outcome 6: Formalization of the informal economy and Outcome 7: Promoting safe work and workplace compliance including in global supply chains