Bright Spots in Sri Lanka's Future of Work

Knowledge sharing on two sectors of opportunity and challenge for Sri Lanka's labour force.

Following the launch of the 'Future of Work in Sri Lanka: Shaping Technology Transitions for a Brighter Future' report in March 2019, the ILO Country Office for Sri Lanka and the Maldives in collaboration with TANDEM Research, presents two issue papers to take forward preparation for a roadmap and strategy to prepare Sri Lanka's labour force for the future world of work.

i. Platformisation of the Tourism sector in Sri Lanka:

Impacts on labour market and decent work opportunities Digital platforms are changing business models and altering barriers to entry in the tourism sector in Sri Lanka; with foreseeable impacts for local communities and labour protection. As one of the first few studies on the subject in Sri Lanka, it provides a mapping of the key service sectors within the tourism industry that are seeing a proliferation of digital platforms, and seeks to understand the likely trajectories and impacts of platformisation on Decent Work.

ii. Green Jobs in Sri Lanka:

Linkages between environmental sustainability and decent work
Linkages between environmentally sustainable jobs/processes and decent work are analysed for work opportunities, which could be termed ‘green jobs’. Reviewing Sri Lanka's national policies, sectoral contributions to its economy, employment distribution, and success stories, the paper explores the potential of green jobs. Based on the identification of sectors where green job opportunities could arise, propositions for each of the identified sectors, as well as policy pathways are suggested.