New safety and health issues emerge as the world of work changes

The ILO Country Office for Sri Lanka and the Maldives, together with the Ministry of Labour and Trade Union Relations, Department of Labour, National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Employers’ Federation of Ceylon (EFC) and trade unions will hold an event on Occupational Safety and Health at work on the 27th of June in Colombo.

The workshop will focus on emerging challenges in terms of health and safety issues in the world of work, changes in working practices, demographics, technology and the environment and will provide a forum for identifying opportunities in creating better working conditions for the Sri Lankan workforce.

The technical sessions will explore areas such as Safety and Health at the heart of future of work, new OSH legislation and future of work, Future of work and changing roles of the OSH professionals and will wind up with a panel discussion titled “Multi-dimensional approach to improving protection safety and health of workers in the platform economy”

The workshop will bring together policy makers, workers, employers, professionals in the field of safety and health, academics and others, to provide an opportunity for a multi-stakeholder discussion on the platformisation of work and its challenges for conventional labour protection mechanisms, and what may be needed to overcome them in ensuring safety & health of workers engaged in evolving forms of work.