Residential Programme on the Prevention of Trafficking in Persons in Sri Lanka for State Counsel

The application of international conventions including human rights instruments and ILO conventions are important tools in the development of national legislation criminal legislation on the prevention of human trafficking. Cognizant of the importance of applying such standards in the prosecution of such cases, the International Labour Organization (ILO) together with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) organized a Residential Training Programme for the State Prosecutors of the Attorney General’s Department in Sri Lanka.

The programme envisaged strengthening the capacity of the state prosecutors as an arm of law enforcement, to impact on the successful prosecution and conviction of offenders. Additionally, the role of the state prosecutors in ensuring victim protection in the justice system was emphasized in keeping with the standards enumerated in the ILO Conventions as well as other International Human Rights Instruments.

At the end of the Seminar, the participants will a) have an in-depth knowledge of the scale, root causes, risks and consequences of trafficking in persons, b) Understand the importance of victim protection in the justice system, c) Have a better understanding of the application of the Sri Lankan penal law on human trafficking and other relevant criminal provisions, d) have an in-depth knowledge on the criminal investigation and proceedings relating to the successful prosecution of offenders, e) Understand the international and regional normative framework on human trafficking and the compliance of national laws with international standards, f) Understand the nuances of child trafficking and, g) Have an in-depth understanding of International Cooperation in Criminal matters including cross border judicial cooperation, extradition and mutual legal assistance in criminal matters.