Dancing to her own beat

Persons with disabilities face significant obstacles to accessing decent work. Which is why Tharshini believes that sharing her story is important. For her employment at an enterprise in Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka not only opened up the world of work, but also reignited her passion for dancing.

Date issued: 20 October 2022 | Size/duration: 00:03:31
Ten percent of the population in the North of Sri Lanka is comprised of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) who are at high-risk of poverty and social exclusion. Having lost her right leg during the war, Tharshini recalls spending the early years post-injury in a slump, until she found employment at Sivanarul Products. Today she is known at her workplace as a valuable employee and a talented dancer. "Even if one person changes their way of thinking because of me, I'd be happy," she says.  Inclusive employment for vulnerable communities, especially women and persons with disabilities has proven essential to rebuilding lives and livelihoods in the northern province. ILO Sri Lanka's LEED+ (Local Empowerment through Economic Development and Reconciliation) project continues to support micro and small enterprises like Sivanarul Products transform their organizations to grow as inclusive workplaces and proactively integrate marginalized individuals into their operation.

The LEED+ project is supported by the Government of Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Government of Norway.