Forced labour

Forced Labour Indicators (In Sinhala)

Video contains information on ILO’s Forced Labour Indicators. How to identify forced labour specifically in the international labour migration.

Date issued: 30 July 2020 | Size/duration: 00:03:00
What is forced labour? How can we recognize it? What are the main indicators of forced labour. The COVID-19 crisis has severely affected Sri Lanka labour migrants. While many  workers await repatriation back to the home country due to job losses, fear and anxiety; many aspiring workers within Sri Lanka have not been able to find or take up employment abroad. Those who are unemployed, and desperately seeking employment during the pandemic, become more vulnerable to trafficking and forced labour. The ILO's Forced Labour indicators video (localised for Sri Lanka) reminds us to be vigilant, and  to stand up against these crimes, all the time.