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A policy journey towards the elimination of Child Labour in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has made a significant progress in combating child labour that can be attributed to its well-placed strong welfare policies. This piece of article was prepared for a symposium titled ' A policy journey towards the elimination of Child Labour in Sri Lanka'.

News | Colombo, Sri Lanka | 14 October 2020
Policy level efforts have the power to shaping up the most challenging and pressing issues in any country. In the context of Sri Lanka, Child Labour was a burning issue for the country's development and thus the total elimination required an extraordinary out-of-the box effort, in a collaborative manner. With the financial support received from the U.S. Department of Labour (USDoL), the ILO played a significant role in providing technical support to the Government of Sri Lanka in combating Child Labour. According to the Latest National Child Activity Survey (2016) report, Child Labour in Sri Lanka accounts for 1 percentage. It is now far more challenging to bring this one percent to a zero child labour; that requires out of the box thinking and innovative approaches. The article speaks about the significant achievement of Government of Sri Lanka in Bringing child labour below 1 percent.