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EQUIP launches campaign to eradicate forced labour and human trafficking.

EQUIP Project of the ILO launched the ‘Hari Paren Yamu’ (Let’s take the right path) campaign that create awareness on the importance of safe labour migration, forced labour and human trafficking.

News | Colombo, Sri Lanka | 14 July 2019
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‘Hari Paren Yamu’ (Let’s take the right path) is a campaign that was launched on 17th of June by the EQUIP Project of the ILO. The campaign sparks conversation on forced labour and human trafficking and create awareness on the importance of safe labour migration.

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The first phase of the campaign kick started in Kandy with the enactment of an originally scripted street drama on human trafficking and unsafe migration in Sri Lanka followed by an awareness session. Gathering crowds in communities identified as high labour migration locations, the 3-day campaign reached out to people in Mahaiyawa, Doluwa and Thalathuoya in the Kandy District.

Although various efforts have been made by different actors across Sri Lanka to tackle the challenges of human trafficking, through research its evident that much more needs to be done to improve the situation of the country. With high rates of migration seen among low skilled and domestic workers, their lack of access to information and lack of awareness make these prospective migrant workers particularly vulnerable and at risk of becoming victims of trafficking.

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EQUIP – “Equipping Sri Lanka to Counter Trafficking in Persons” is a project funded by the US Department of states, Bureau for South and Central Asian Affairs (SCA) to support reducing human trafficking and forced labour in the country via a three pronged approach (3P’s) : Prevention, Protection and Prosecution through conducting research and awareness to inform regulations and practice, ensuring fair and ethical business recruitment practices are adopted, improving protection services for identified victims and prosecuting and investigating offenders.

‘Hari Paren Yamu’ would be an ongoing campaign that would take place around the country to build awareness in districts identified with high migration.