ILO Enterprise Projects for Women in Vavuniya North

ILO LEED Project introduces TREE methodology for economic empowerment of conflict-affected women in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka.

Press release | 03 December 2010

Employment and self-employment opportunities in areas affected by the conflict in Sri Lanka need no longer be a problem for women especially in Vavuniya North. From several years of displacement, families have been resettled and the feeling of peace and security is slowly sipping in. Social services and infrastructure are starting to be restored.

Six new group enterprise projects mainly for women-headed households will soon start in two villages in Vavuniya North. The group enterprises are organized under the null of the ILO and the Ministries of Productivity Promotion and Labour and Labour Relations with funding support from the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID).

A series of community planning meetings have already been completed in Periyamadu village in Nainamadu, and in Nedunkerny South village in Nedunkerny. The group enterprises are expected to generate self-employment opportunities for at least 60 beneficiaries.

The LEED Project is introducing ILO’s methodology for rural development in post-crisis situations called Training for Rural Economic Empowerment (TREE). The methodology is adapting full participatory planning techniques at the community level or among community-based organizations and cooperative societies and provides system of skills and enterprise development training, local enterprise value chain analysis, strengthening of local community and sectoral groups and installing community revolving fund schemes to help the expansion and sustainability of community-based enterprises.

The Project also helps revive local enterprises that have been dislocated as a result of conflict, through training and provision of production equipment while helping the operators improve their capacity through business enhancement tools and feasibility studies.