Migrant workers

Protecting and promoting migrant workers' rights through enhanced engagement by state officials, trade union members, and civil society partners in national, regional and international labour migration processes

The ILO in Sri Lanka through its Safe Labour Migration Project (Phase IV) supported by the Government of Switzerland, is collaborating with HELVETAS to capacitate state officials, trade unionists, and civil society partners engaged in migrant rights protection.

News | 29 June 2022
COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (ILO News) - Strengthening human resources and improving technological capacity to coordinate and monitor the implementation of outward labour migration policies and plans is one of the key outputs of the ILO's Safe Labour Migration Project (Phase IV), funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.
The project supports the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment (MoL&FE) to strengthen its Training of Trainers (ToT) unit to review and monitor the implementation of the National Policy on Migration for Employment, sub-policies, national action plans and other strategic plans relating to labour migration. The objective being to strengthen the government service delivery to migrant workers and their families, as well as potential migrant workers.
The Safe Labour Migration Project also expects to improve the engagement in national, regional and global policy dialogues by under-represented districts and national-level stakeholders, especially trade unions and civil society organizations.

Thus, the trade union members and civil society partners will be capacitated on key commitments by GoSL, in national policies and plans namely, the National Policy on Migration for Employment, sub policy and national action plan on Return and Reintegration as well as on regional dialogues such as The Colombo Process and Abu Dhabi Dialogue as well as international commitments including the Global Compact on Migration and international labour standards.
A series of training sessions will be conducted in this regard and the contents of the training will draw on guidance produced by the ILO’s Bureau for Workers Activities (ACTRAV) for trade unions to promote migrant workers’ rights and international labour standards of direct relevance.
Hence, this partnership aims to update and localise trainer manuals and tools for the use of ToT unit of the Ministry, trade unions and CSOs, as well as to conduct training sessions to capacitate all master trainers in those institutions.
In conducting such training sessions and manual developments, ILO partnered with HELVETAS, a non-profit Swiss non-governmental organization. HELVETAS having been active in Sri Lanka on labour migration for more than a decade maintains a strong network of state institutions, donor agencies, trade unions as well as civil society organizations.
Through this partnership, the ILO in Sri Lanka expects to expand its tripartite-plus network on labour migration.