Areas of work

A welder takes a break to pose for a photograph. ©ILO/M.Crozet
The National Policy for Decent Work in Sri Lanka , states as its goal, “A future of peace and prosperity in which all Sri Lankans enjoy a better quality of life free from poverty and deprivation, through the promotion of opportunities for women and men to obtain productive work in conditions of freedom, equity, security and human dignity.”

The ILO office delivers a wide range of technical and financial assistance to Sri Lanka through the Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP) 2018 – 2022 .

Together with our partners, we work in a number of technical areas, all related to the world of work, including:
  • Supporting the development and implementation of employment policies in line with the ILO principles
  • Enhancing access to more and better jobs in economically disadvantaged and crisis affected areas
  • Improving labour administration systems and machinery for better employment practices
  • Improving social dialogue to achieve job security, productivity and competitiveness
  • Supporting the development and implementation of policies to manage migration and combat trafficking in line with the ILO principles
  • Supporting the development and implementation of policies in line with the the ILO Code of Practice for HIV AIDS in the workplace
  • Strengthening institutional capacity of employers' and workers’ organizations
  • Strengthening capacity of member states to ratify and apply international labour standards and to fulfill their reporting obligations
The ILO’s comparative advantage lies in the ratification of its fundamental conventions by the Government of Sri Lanka and its mandate to assist member states in fulfilling their commitments on work, employment, social security and social policy.