December 2012

  1. Women's ILO: Transnational networks, working conditions and gender equality

    6 - 7 December 2012

    What role have women’s networks played inside and outside the ILO to improve working conditions for women and gender equality? How can we analyse the interaction between the national and the international level in the struggle to promote labour standards matching the needs of working women? What was the impact of ILO’s standards, technical cooperation programmes and research, especially in developing countries, in this regard? What impact did the Cold War have on ILO’s debate on working women? And finally, how has the ILO’s concern for domestic care and the informal economy broadened the concept of work?

November 2012

  1. Safety at work and job security. An IAS/ILO partnership to commemorate the centenary of the ILO in 2019

    8 - 10 November 2012

    As part of the run-up to the Centenary of the ILO, the Institute for Advanced Studies in Nantes, France and the ILO have joined efforts to organize a series of roundtables centered on the theme of “The Humanization of Labour since 1919”.

October 2011

  1. Latin America and "International Geneva" during the Interwar Period: The beginning of regional and international integration

    28 - 29 October 2011

    International conference on Latin American participation in the League of Nations and the ILO. Organizers: Swiss Society of Americanists (SSA) and the University of Geneva, with the support of the ILO Century Project.

February 2011

  1. West meets East: The International Labour Organization from Geneva to the Pacific Rim

    3 - 5 February 2011

    Interdisciplinary conference on the ILO’s role throughout the Pacific Rim during the post-World War II period. Organizers: University of California, Santa Barbara, with the support of the ILO Century Project.

March 2010

  1. The Declaration of Philadelphia today: Social justice versus total market

    24 March 2010

    Public lecture by Alain Supiot

February 2010

  1. Crises des années 20 et 30: Réponses du BIT et de la SDN

    10 February 2010

    Joint lecture on the institutional and intellectual development of the Economic and Financial Organization (EFO) of the League of Nations, founded in 1920 (Y. Decorzant, University of Geneva) and the difficult collaboration between the ILO and the EFO in the context of the crises of the 20's and 30's ( I. Liebeskind Sauthier, University of Geneva).

November 2009

  1. Financial crises 1929–2008

    17 November 2009

    Public lecture by Professor Youssef Cassis (University of Geneva/LSE) on the financial crises of 1929 and 2008, focussing on their causes and socio-economical consequences to identify similarities and differences.

May 2009

  1. Social Transnational Policies. Reformist networks and the International Labour Organization (1900–2000)

    7 - 9 May 2009

    University of Geneva and the International Labour Organization. Colloquium organized by Sandrine Kott (Professor, University of Geneva) and Isabelle Lespinet-Moret (Associate Professor, University of Paris X, IDHE).

October 2007

  1. The ILO Past and Present

    5 - 6 October 2007