Inaugural Edward Phelan Lecture by Guy Ryder

The National University of Ireland is organizing an Inaugural Edward Phelan Lecture. Guy Ryder will hold the lecture, describing the life and work of Edward Phelan, who was not only the fourth Director of the ILO in 1941, and Director General under its new constitution in 1946, but also the innovator of the ILO 'tripartite' formula.

Confronted with the gravest conflict in history, the ILO in 1941, under the leadership of an Irish internationalist, Edward Phelan, reminded us that fundamental social rights and tripartite cooperation not only remain relevant but are, in fact, necessary for survival and reconstruction. The failure to use these tools had significantly contributed to creating a world-wide crisis. That was true then; that is true today.
- Mr Guy Ryder, ILO Director-General