1. Occupational Safety and Health

    ILO Programme on Occupational Safety and Health and the Environment in the Caribbean

    3 January 2011 - 29 February 2012

    The Programme to support governments as well as employers' and workers' organizations in their efforts to improve OSH at the enterprise and national levels and to contribute to environmental sustainability of Small Island Developing States.


    Implementing HIV/AIDS Workplace Policies and Programmes in Selected Countries in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean:Suriname

    1 August 2007 - 31 July 2009

  3. Labour Legislation

    Harmonization of Labour Legislation in ILO Member States in the English- and Dutch-speaking Caribbean

    1 November 2006 - 31 December 2008

    To review national labour legislation, in the areas of the four CARICOM agreed model labour legislation.


    International HIV/AIDS Workplace Education Programme:Trinidad and Tobago

    1 September 2005 - 31 December 2008

    To reduce HIV/AIDS risk behaviours among workers and to reduce employment-related discrimination against persons living with HIV and AIDS.

  5. Child Labour

    Combating the Worst Forms of Child Labour in the Caribbean

    1 April 2001 - 31 March 2008

    Protect our children. Stop child labour

  6. Project

    Seventh Actuarial Review of the National Insurance System of Trinidad and Tobago as of 30 June 2005

    1 June 2006 - 30 June 2007

    To undertake the Seventh Actuarial Review of the National Insurance System of Trinidad and Tobago in accordance with Section 70 of the Trinidad and Tobago National Insurance Act No. 35 of 1971.

  7. Project

    Programme for the Promotion of Management and Labour Cooperation (PROMALCO)

    2 January 2001 - 31 December 2005

    To enhance management-labour cooperation and promote respect for fundamental principles and rights at work as a means for improving the productivity and competitiveness of enterprises.

  8. Project

    Alternative policy options for the long-term financial consolidation of the Social Insurance Bank - Aruba

    7 April 2003 - 31 December 2004

    To project the financial situation of the General Old Age Pension Scheme (AOV) and the General Widows and Orphans Insurance (AWW) scheme, both administered by the Soziale Verzekeringsbank (SVb) of Aruba (Social Insurance Bank of Aruba)

  9. Project

    Development of the Caribbean Labour Market In formation System (CLMIS)

    1 September 2001 - 31 December 2004

    To develop and strengthen national labour market information systems that would generate reliable, timely and internationally-comparable labour statistics for use by government policy-makers, employers and trade unionists.