1. Suriname participates in ILO assessment to strengthen opportunities for sustainable enterprises

    03 September 2021

    Under the country’s second Decent Work Country Programme and in collaboration with the ILO, tripartite constituents are working together to improve the national business landscape and increase productivity.

  2. Antigua and Barbuda ratifies nine ILO instruments

    24 August 2021

  3. The lockdown generation: Disarming the time bomb

    12 August 2021

    Youth were hit hardest by the pandemic in Latin America and the Caribbean. Unemployment, informality and unprecedented departures from the labour force can become sources of discouragement and frustration. Now is the time to address this challenge, says ILO Regional Director Vinícius Pinheiro* in this article.

  4. Youth employment crisis: disarming the pandemic-triggered time bomb

    12 August 2021

    By the start of 2021, the youth unemployment rate in Latin America and the Caribbean had reached 23.8 per cent and nearly three million had left a workforce dominated by informality. There is a risk of a "lockdown generation" the ILO warns on International #YouthDay2021.

  5. In Memoriam: George De Peana

    30 July 2021

    George De Peana, former ILO Senior Specialist in Workers' Activities, passed away on 26 July 2021.

  6. The passing of Mr Kertist Augustus

    21 July 2021

    Secretary Treasurer of the Waterfront and Allied Workers' Union (WAWU), Dominica

  7. Call for expressions of interest: Consultancy for Review of the Jamaica Labour Officers (Powers) Act (LOPA), 1943

    16 July 2021

    The ILO is seeking to contract a qualified national consultant to undertake review of the Labour Officers Powers Act of 1943 and to provide technical advisory to the Ministry of Labour and Social Services for preparation of recommendations for revisions to the named legislation.

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    ILO: At least 23 million people have transitioned to teleworking in Latin America and the Caribbean

    05 July 2021

    During the pandemic, teleworking enabled the continuity of businesses and jobs. It was an unexpected leap into the future of work that has opened a scenario of opportunities and challenges for the region, the ILO said today.

  9. Integrating contingency plans and post-disaster needs assessments to build more resilient labour markets

    01 July 2021

    ILO virtual workshop provides Caribbean constituents with practical training for crisis preparedness and response

  10. ILO: Tourism recovery is key to overcoming COVID-19 labour crisis in Latin America and the Caribbean

    30 June 2021

    At the worst point of the crisis, about 45 per cent of jobs in the tourism sector had been lost. In the recovery process, policies are required to generate more and better jobs.