1. The CCL and CEC announce joint programme of action on key labour and employment issues in the Caribbean

    13 December 2019

    During a meeting hosted ILO Office for the Caribbean on 11 December 2019, both regional organizations discussed critical issues affecting workers and employers and developed the framework for continued collaboration.

  2. Bid for the of Ford Focus

    25 November 2019

    The ILO Decent Work Team and Office for the Caribbean is pleased to invite you to submit a bid for the sale of a Station Wagon (5 door) Ford Focus, PCF 8514. The chassis number is: WF0WXXGCDW7577533. The car will be offered “WHERE IS, AS IS”. For more information, download the pdf document.

  3. ILO’s participation in the consultations on the cooperative act and policy in Trinidad and Tobago

    27 September 2019

    The ILO took part in the consultations on the national policy on cooperatives and the Co-operative Societies Act held by the Ministry of Labour and Small Enterprise Development in Trinidad and Tobago.

  4. © UN Photos 2020

    Just transition commitments made by many countries at UN Climate Action Summit

    23 September 2019

    Prime Minister of Spain announces commitments made by close to 50 countries to create just transition plans designed to ensure ambitious climate action delivers significant social gains with decent green jobs.

  5. © Cia Pak / UN Photo 2020

    UN Secretary-General announces new Climate Action Summit jobs initiative, urges countries to join

    18 September 2019

    The initiative provides a roadmap for ensuring that people’s jobs and well-being are at the centre of the transition to a carbon-neutral economy.

  6. © A. Fiorente 2020

    NCPD, in collaboration with ILO, to host Training Workshop entitled Employment of Persons with Disabilities: Reasonable Accommodation

    17 September 2019

    The Workshop will analyze the current situation of people with disabilities in the context of decent work related policy issues from national, regional and international perspectives. It will identify actions that will lead to significant improvements in the situation.

  7. UN General Assembly endorses ILO Centenary Declaration for the Future of Work

    16 September 2019

    The UNGA resolution provides an opportunity for the UN system to promote a human-centred approach to the future of work.

  8. © (Photo: NOAA) 2020

    Statement on Hurricane Dorian from Ms Claudia Coenjaerts, Director, ILO Decent Work Team and Office for the Caribbean

    04 September 2019

    ILO pledges its support to working with the government, businesses and workers in the Bahamas in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.

  9. ILO: Persistent gender gaps at work make it necessary to adopt transformative measures in Latin America and the Caribbean

    26 August 2019

    Women earn 17 per cent less than men per hour worked, and despite their increased participation in the labour force, they are still far from equal. The International Labour Organization (ILO) announced a new Report today that features proposals to address the challenges of achieving equity in the future of work in the region.

  10. Youth unemployment rates: a challenge for the future of work in Latin America and the Caribbean

    13 August 2019

    There are about 10 million young people who want to enter the labour market and do not gain employment. Those who find a job must face decent work deficits and informality. As part of activities to mark International Youth Day (12 August 2019), ILO News discussed this situation with Regional Youth Employment Specialist Guillermo Dema*.