1. Employers’ and workers’ organizations in Trinidad and Tobago commit to finding joint solutions to COVID-19 crisis

    23 September 2020

    Agreement reached during meeting facilitated by the ILO

  2. Mr Dennis Zulu appointed as the New Director of the ILO Caribbean Office

    01 September 2020

    Mr Guy Ryder, the Director-General of the International Labour Organization (ILO), has appointed Mr Dennis Zulu, a Zambian national, as the new Director of ILO Decent Work Team and Office for the Caribbean with effect from 01 September 2020.

  3. ILO: Sustainable solutions urgently needed to address collapse of Caribbean tourism employment

    25 August 2020

    New report assesses sector job losses and other decent work deficits due to COVID-19

  4. Call for Expression of Interest Study: Assessment of the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic (2020) and of the Impacts on Trade Unions (TU) in Saint Lucia.

    17 August 2020

    This exercise will entail the collection and analysis of data and information from target stakeholders in Saint Lucia, to develop an empirical basis for Trade Union participation in national policy and decision-making and implementation of national resilience interventions.

  5. Call for proposals - Development of the OECS Labour Law Guide

    13 August 2020

    The purpose of the consultancy is to develop a labour law guide for the OECS. The objective of the guide is to provide a single access point for all labour laws in the OECS

  6. ILO to host conversation on youth employment challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean in times of COVID-19

    11 August 2020

    Increased unemployment, informality and inactivity can disproportionately affect young women and men. The ILO will address these issues in a virtual conversation with young people and representatives of employers' and workers' organizations on August 12.

  7. Zero emission economy will lead to 15 million new jobs by 2030 in Latin America and Caribbean

    29 July 2020

    A study by the International Labour Organization and the Inter-American Development Bank highlights the impact on jobs if countries in Latin America and the Caribbean adopt zero emission policies.

  8. Workers’ organizations are essential to promote and put into practice ILO standards on Violence and Harassment

    03 July 2020

    Social dialogue including collective bargaining remains a vital instrument for workers’organizations to advocate for the ratification and implementation of these new ILO standards on violence and harassment in the world of work.

  9. ILO: Sharp rise in unemployment in Latin America and the Caribbean leaves millions without income

    01 July 2020

    The unemployment rate could rise between 4 and 5 percentage points, raising the number of unemployed in the region to a historical record of 41 million people. If the crisis worsens, the employment situation could worsen, amplifying social inequalities. A new ILO Labour Outlook will be the subject of analysis this Thursday at the ILO Regional Summit of the Americas to be convened within the framework of the ILO World Summit.

  10. Responses to COVID-19: International Labour Standards and tripartite cooperation needed, says the ILO

    29 June 2020

    ILO tools developed over 100 years help to address effectively the global crisis of COVID-19.