Media Advisory: Delegates from across the Americas to attend ILO Regional Meeting in, Santiago, Chile from 14 - 17 December 2010

Delegations, comprising representatives of governments, employers and workers, from 35 countries of the Americas, including the Caribbean, will meet for the 17th American Regional Meeting in Santiago

News | 09 December 2010
“If people do not have sustainable jobs and incomes, recovery will not be real or sustainable” says ILO’s Director General, Juan Somavia.

LIMA (ILO News) The International Labour Office (ILO) announced today that tripartite delegations, comprising representatives of governments, employers and workers, from 35 countries of the Americas, including the Caribbean, will meet for the 17th American Regional Meeting in Santiago, Chile from 14 - 17 December 2010 to discuss the employment situation in the region and its future prospects.

“In our region, we should take advantage of the lessons that may be drawn from the crisis: it is possible to develop policies that promote decent work. These policies have been effective in practice in recent years, ” said the ILO Director General Juan Somavia. "Economies may improve their performance, but recovery will be neither real nor sustainable unless people have jobs and sufficient incomes”.

The meeting will bring together Ministers of Labour, Employment and Social Protection and leaders of employers' and workers' organizations from the Americas, including the Caribbean, as well as representatives of UN agencies and labour experts.

ILO regional meetings are organized every four years around the world. The first ILO regional meeting took place in Chile in 1936.

The 2010 meeting takes place in a context of economic growth following the global economic crisis which had moderate effects on employment levels in the region.

The most recent data show that in 2009, as a result of the economic crisis, there was a reversal in the trend towards low urban unemployment that had characterized the preceding five years. Unemployment rose from 7.3 to 8.1 per cent - which was an increase of less than one per cent.

“ While it is true that the crisis had a moderate impact than the one initially foreseen, it is clear some labour market issues are still predominant: insufficient productivity, increased informality and persistent inequalities, just to mention a few,” indicated Jean Maninat, ILO's Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The meeting will open on 14 December 2010. The ILO's Director General will present two reports on the challenges of decent work in Latin America and in the Caribbean - "The Decent Work Decade in the Americas, 2006–15 Agenda for the Hemisphere: Initial assessment and perspectives" and "A time of opportunity for decent work in the Americas." Employers and workers will also hold group meetings on the first day.

Plenary sessions will be held during which social security, lessons learnt from the crisis, and south-south cooperation will be discussed.. On 15 December 2010, the Global Wage Report 2010 will be launched.

A Round Table is also carded to take place and will involve the participation of well- known international experts and directors of UN agencies on the theme “Growth, employment and development”.

The American Regional Meeting will conclude on 17 December 2010 after four days of activities at the Convention Centre of the Sheraton Hotel in Santiago.


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