COVID-19 webinar series

Events calendar - ILO Caribbean COVID-19 Virtual Roundtable Series

Topical and thematic virtual roundtables that are open to the public. Participants to include representatives from governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations, media, academia, as well as members of the general public who are interested in the topics.

These virtual roundtables listed below will each be 1.5 hours long. They will be conducted via Zoom and participants will need to pre-register to receive an invitation to attend.  Follow the live link below related to each event, to pre-register.

APRIL 2020

Date and time: 20 April @ 11.00 am Eastern Caribbean Time (ECT)
Safety and Health at Work in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic 
Date and time: 28 April @ 2.00 pm Eastern Caribbean Time (ECT)

MAY 2020

JUNE 2020

Date and time: 10 June @ 11.00 am Eastern Caribbean Time (ECT)

Saving jobs, creating new ones and making people more employable. Shaping good labour market policies for post COVID-19 response
Date and time: 24 June 2020 @ 11.00 am Eastern Caribbean Time (ECT)

JULY 2020

Labour market governance, inspection, conciliation, arbitration
Date and time: 8 July 2020 @ 11.00 am Eastern Caribbean Time (ECT)

Training opportunities and ICT
Date and time: 22 July 2020 @ 11.00 am Eastern Caribbean Time (ECT)

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