Areas of work

The primary function of the ILO Decent Work Team and Office for the Caribbean is to provide technical and advisory services on policies and technical issues related to labour and employment to the tripartite constituents with the aim of promoting decent work. In undertaking its work the Office utilizes a variety of means of action including policy advice, diagnostic analysis, training, workshops/seminars, research and information dissemination. The ILO Decent Work Team and Office for the Caribbean provides technical advisory services in the following broad areas:
  1. International Labour Standards

    The objective is to promote a greater understanding of international labour standards and fundamental rights at work among the tripartite constituents, provide guidance to governments with respect to the ratification of ILO Conventions, assist in improving the application of ratified Conventions and fulfill the anociated reporting obligations, and strengthen the capacity of governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations for the effective use of international labour standards.

  2. Employment Promotion

    The overall aim of work in this area is to assist member States in identifying factors that impede employment promotion and poverty alleviation and in formulating plans and policies to achieve these goals. Support is given for the promotion of small enterprises and cooperatives, development of training strategies, policies and systems and the development of labour market information systems.

  3. Social Protection

    The objective of work in this field is to move towards broader and deeper coverage of social security schemes and improve working conditions and safety and health at work.

  4. Social Dialogue

    Social dialogue and tripartite consultations are proven methods for conflict resolution, effective policy development and sound reforms. The aim is to strengthen the representative organizations of employers and workers, and labour ministries and administrations, to enlarge their influence on the range of policies that affect the workplace.