Mr. Lars Johansen

Deputy Director

Mr Lars Johansen, a Norwegian national joined the ILO as an Associate Expert in 1995, and has since worked in a number of positions, regions and areas including South East and Central Asia, Central America and the ILO Headquarters in Geneva.

Mr Johansen was Chief Technical Adviser in a number of development cooperation projects in both Central America and Central Asia, the former in a sub-regional project to promote social dialogue and the latter on child labour. At ILO Headquarters Mr Johansen was in charge of the regional desk for the Americas in the International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC), and served at what is today known as the Partnerships and Field Support (PARDEV) Department. In 2015, he joined the ILO’s Regional Office in Beirut as Chief of the Regional Programme Unit.

Mr Johansen has broad experience and understanding of a number of areas at the core of the ILO’s mandate such as social dialogue, child labour and international labour standards, as well as development cooperation activities. While in Beirut he worked extensively on the ILO’s role in the overall UN response to the refugee crisis particularly affecting Lebanon and Jordan, and its effect on the labour markets in the host countries with a focus on labour market policy advice, employment intensive infrastructure development and child labour.

Before joining the ILO, Mr Johansen was responsible for MENA, the Horn of Africa and India in the International Department of the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions. He is a Social Anthropologist graduated from the University of Bergen in Norway.