Call for Proposals Update of the National Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Profile Ukraine

The purpose of the contract is to update the Ukrainian National OSH Profile.

News | 19 July 2017
Contact(s): Ms. Sofia Lytyvn,,+380503349887
The purpose of the contract is to update the Ukrainian National OSH Profile: a diagnostic in-strument which entails a systematic review and evaluation of the national situation in respect of occupational accidents and diseases as well as of the entire range of instruments and resources available in Ukraine to implement a National OSH Programme.

The instrument, to be endorsed by the tripartite constituents, is required as a common reference, grounded in the realities of the stakeholders involved. It will be used for identifying strong and weak points and gaps and then for identifying the priority issues on which the National OSH Programme will be built.

It will serve to:
  • Overall, provide policy-makers, government officials, workers, employers, OSH practi-tioners and the public with the most up-to-date information on the occupational safety and health development of Ukraine;
  • For the EU funded project, provide input to preparation of the Table of Concordance on OSH legal provisions with EU law, with the necessary information to make informed recommendations on OSH law reform;
  • For the Canada funded project, serve as the zero report for Ukraine’s ratification of ILO Convention C.187.