Employment needs assessment and employability of internally displaced persons in Ukraine: summary of survey findings and recommendations

The present report features a detailed picture of employment needs and employability of the Internally Displaced Persons, their coping strategies, and offers a set of recommendations aiming at enhancing the national labour market information system and supporting the reform of relevant labour market institutions to lead to more targeted, cost-effective active labour market programmes addressing rising unemployment specifically of IDPs.

Following the political and military crisis that broke in Ukraine in November 2013, ILO has made a special effort to respond to the most urgent demands emanating from the constituents in the context of the new political and socio-economic situation of Ukraine and to ensure that social issues and decent work are part of the recovery programme. In particular, the crisis has generated a growing wave of internally displaced population with urgent needs in the field of jobs recovery. The challenge is manifold, as the employment situation was already fragile, and economic performance is showcasing a negative trend.

Against this background, the government and the social partners in Ukraine have approached the ILO with a view to developing short-term responses to address the jobs recovery needs with emphasis on internally displaced people, and longer-term assistance to help in the design and implementation of policy measures that will contribute to reducing the impact of fiscal and monetary consolidation on employment.

The report on “Employment Needs and Employability Assessment of IDPs” is a key product of technical advice provided by the ILO to the Public Employment Service. The report provides detailed quantitative and qualitative information on the employment needs and the employability of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the current economic environment. It also contains a number of policy recommendations with regard to possible responses by the State Employment Service.