National Action Plan to Reduce Undeclared Work 2021

The National Action Plan to Reduce Undeclared Work 2021 (National Action Plan) was adopted, on 27 April 2021, by the multilateral national Workgroup (WG) led by the State Labour Service (SLS). The WG integrates representatives, at national and regional levels, of public authorities (e.g., Ministry of Economy, State Labour Service, Pension Fund, Ministry of Social Policy, National Police, State Fiscal Service) and social partners (e.g., Federation of Employers of Ukraine, Confederation of Employers of Ukraine, and Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine).

Over 500 specialists were involved in its formulation, based on a down-top approach, in order to collect the proposals from the regions taking into account local and regional peculiarities (sectors with high prevalence of undeclared work (UDW), types of informal employment and UDW, etc.). The proposals from the regions were then consolidated into a single document at the national level.

The main priorities within this National Action Plan are the informal sector, awareness-raising activities and promotion of a culture of declaration of work among kids and youth, within the framework “Go to Light” campaign, supported by the EU-ILO Project.

On 15 June 2021, the Committee on Labour Relations and Labour Market of the National Tripartite Social and Economic Council (NTSEC) considered the National Action Plan and took it as the basis (with the possibility of introducing changes, as needed, during its implementation stage) for further consideration and adoption by the NTSEC.

The National Action Plan foresees, among others, the joint actions to reduce undeclared work, particularly in the informal sector, including 128,831 information visits (to increase employers’ and workers’ awareness on the consequences of UDW), and 7,581 inspection visits.

It includes 18 measures (11 preventive measures, 4 measures to improve detection and 3 measures concerning the improvement of current legislation). 15 of them (about 83%) were already foreseen in the Draft National Action Plan to Fight UDW 2018, developed with the support of the previous EU-ILO Project (DNAP-2018): measures M1.1. M1.6, M1.8, M1.9, M3.1, M3.2, M3.3, M3.4, M3.5, M4.2, M4.5, M4.7, M4.8, and M4.10.

These 15 measures make around 42% of the total 36 measures foreseen in that DNAP-2018.

In addition, 10 other measures from the DNAP-2018 (about 28% of its 36 measures), have already been or are being implemented (the measures M1.2, M1.3, M1.4, M1.5, M2.1, M4.1, M4.3, M4.4, M5.3 and M5.7) and, are, therefore, outside the scope of the adopted National Action Plan.

Overall, out of the 36 measures of the DNAP-2018, 25 measures (around 69%) were in fact “taken on board” by the stakeholders: 28% have already been/are being implemented; and about 42% are foreseen in the adopted National Action Plan to Reduce UDW 2021.