Stimulating the green economy in Moldova to create new and better jobs

The aim of the ILO intervention is to stimulate the creation of new jobs through entrepreneurship in a high-value-added sector, which will be identified as the first activity in the project. The goal is to contribute to the structural transformation of the country's economy and to promote the green economy.

The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated key labour market challenges in the Republic of Moldova, which are low employment and high inactivity rates. The loss in working hours quickly led to a reduction in employment. These are due to limited job creation and the prevalence of low-productivity and low-wage jobs.

The aim of the ILO intervention is to stimulate the creation of new and decent jobs in a high value-added sector. In order to contribute to a structural transformation of the country’s economy, the selected sector has the potential to stimulate the green economy. Once the final sector is selected, the following ILO study will look into the constraints to job creation and growth potential of the sector. The study will inform the support provided under this intervention, which can be split into two main outcomes. Firstly, entrepreneurship in the selected sector will be encouraged by developing the required entrepreneurial skills and by helping establish new start-ups or improving the performance of existing enterprises. Secondly, the ILO will support the shaping of a business environment that encourages green business investments. 

With this intervention it is expected that the ILO gains insights into opportunities to stimulate the green economy in Moldova and encourage dialogue between different actors involved to bring forward the changes towards a more sustainable and greener Moldova.