Employment promotion through entrepreneurship, training and grants in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Moldova

The ILO project contributes to the well-being of two rural communities through support given to the National Employment Agency, employment subsidies, entrepreneurship, and technical trainings and grants to support individuals in need.

In April, the Government of Moldova provided immediate relief in the form of income support to almost 15,000 people affected by the Covid-19 crisis. This has provided an extended emergency database for the National Employment Agency (NEA). However, the support is rather limited, due to little available funds and capacities of public institutions to deliver in a short run employment services and programs to most affected individuals.

The project contributes to improve the well-being of people in two rural communities of Moldova, through:

1. Provision of capacity development to NEA to quickly provide segmentation and referral to Active Labour Market Programmes of unemployed directly affected by COVID-19;
2. Enrolment of 50 beneficiaries in the NEA employment subsidy scheme;
3. Provision of entrepreneurship and technical training, mentoring support, small grants and legal support to business registration to 50 program beneficiaries (based on ILO training tools and methodology which also entails elements on business continuity and resilience to COVID-19 disruptions).