Training and grant support for potential entrepreneurs and start-ups in the Sea of Azov region, Ukraine

This intervention will provide training for potential entrepreneurs using the Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) methodology and also provide grants. The project will complement the “Inclusive Labour Markets for Job creation in Ukraine” project, implemented by the ILO. The additional funding provided by GIZ after the Russian aggression in Ukraine will promote entrepreneurship in the country.

The main labour market challenges in Ukraine revolve around the skills mismatch in the labour market, insufficiently developed entrepreneurship and high informality. In addition, the limited effectiveness of labour market policies, centralized policy-making and immature social dialogue are also impediments in reaching widespread quality employment.

The project will support training of at least 400 potential entrepreneurs on generating and starting business ideas as well as 80 existing entrepreneurs on improving their businesses in the Azov Sea region using the Start and Improve Your Business methodology (SIYB). In addition, minimum 100 start grants of up to 2,500 EUR per individual will be provided to the best evaluated business plans among the 400 participants.

The project will be complemented by other ILO interventions implemented under the 5-year, Danish-funded project “Inclusive Labour Markets for Job Creation in Ukraine”, which aims to strengthen the employment service and other labour market institutions and improve tripartite social dialogue. Particular synergy will be achieved through the “Local Employment Partnership” (LEP), which is an integral part of the Danish-funded project. The LEP fosters local or regional partnerships to create jobs and create opportunities for upskilling to address local labour market needs.

Within this project, the ILO will train additional SIYB trainers in the Azov Sea region, to ensure the sustainability of the SIYB methodology. These trainers come from the State Employment Service, NGOs, and Technical and Vocational Education institutions.

Update: In May 2022, the German GIZ provided additional funding (500,000 EUR) to the existing agreement on entrepreneurship development in Ukraine. The original plan was to train and support existing and new entrepreneurs in the Azov Sea Region in Eastern Ukraine, now occupied by the Russian Federation.  The remaining funds are for supporting the relocation of enterprises to regions behind the frontlines.