Promoting decent work through strengthening OSH management and social dialogue in Kosovo

The project will promote a safe and secure working environment and improve the application of labour rights for all workers in Kosovo.

This ILO project is implemented in the framework of UNOPS project “Promoting Decent Work through Strengthening OSH Management and Social Dialogue in Kosovo,” funded by Swedish International Development Agency.

The focus of the project is to improve the policies, regulations, rules and procedures of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) and bring them in line with international and European standards. It will also work to improve the human, organizational and technical capacities of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare and Labour Inspectorate in order to facilitate the improvement of overall workers’ rights and working conditions through the promotion of equal opportunities for men and women for decent work and safe workplaces.

Moreover, the project aims to raise the knowledge about the importance of the application of OSH standards among targeted groups, such as young people (including special requirements of women, and those with disabilities), students of vocational schools and trainees of vocational training centres, local businesses and other local entities involved in activities that requires application of OSH standards in the workplace. An intensive media campaign will be organized to raise the awareness of the whole society on the importance of the implementation of OSH standards.

Within the framework of this project, the ILO will provide expertise to promote occupational safety and health and a well-functioning labour inspectorate through:
  • Aligning Kosovar OSH legislation with relevant ILO Conventions and EU Directives;
  • Aligning Kosovar legislation on labour inspection with relevant ILO standards and EU practices;
  • Setting up and supporting the implementation of a National OSH policy, systems and programmes, and
  • Improved ability of Ministry of Labour to enhance working conditions, in particular OSH.
The ILO project will be implemented as part of the ILO Flagship Programme Safety + Health for All and will therefore benefit from the tools and strategies implemented in the context of this Programme.