Effective COVID-19 response in Moldova: Social dialogue for local job creation through Local Employment Partnerships

The new ILO project offers concrete contribution to COVID-19 response and will assist the tripartite constituents in adopting an inclusive, gender-responsive recovery strategy and in generating quality jobs for vulnerable workers.

Before the COVID-19 crisis ripped through the labour market in Moldova, inactivity was already as high as 53 percent for men and 62 percent for women in 2019.  Underemployment and precarious employment is pervasive, making the working age population of the country extremely vulnerable to shocks. The COVID-19 public health crisis has put the labour market under unprecedented strain, whereby informality (22 percent of all jobs), and labour shortages cripple the private sector and push people toward migration.

Utilisation of social dialogue as a tool of labour market governance has been limited in Moldova. National and local tripartite social dialogue mechanisms have been marginalized or suspended during the COVID-19 crisis and are at risk to be further side-lined in the processes shaping the recovery.

The new ILO programme offers concrete contribution to the COVID-19 response, aiming to assist the tripartite constituents in:

1) adopting an inclusive, gender-responsive and balanced recovery strategy that integrates elements of just transition towards environmental sustainability. The reactivation and enabling of national and local tripartite social dialogue mechanisms will lead to the participation of all social partners in the processes shaping the recovery;

2) helping to generate quality jobs for vulnerable workers, particularly inactive women and youth, low-skilled people and return migrants in two rural communities through Local Employment Partnerships, designed and implemented through local social dialogue.