Promoting Inclusive Labour Market Solutions in the Western Balkans

The overall objective of the project is to make national and local labour markets more inclusive. The project seeks to ensure that labour market institutions at the national and local levels have improved capacities to design and implement, in partnership with the private sector and the civil society, inclusive policies and programmes for individuals at risk of social and labour market exclusion.

In order to make labour markets of the Western Balkans more inclusive, the project offers two sets of mutually reinforcing interventions: (i) country-specific technical assistance, and (ii) regional peer-learning events among staff of the employment agencies. The latter is modelled on the European Union’s Mutual Learning Programme (MLP) for public employment services. The ILO makes available a similar platform of in-service training for the staff of employment agencies. It will bring them together at the regional level to discuss the relevant technical topics and receive high-level technical guidance and expertise from the ILO on improving of the work of labour market institutions.

Support to the individual countries is provided through the Inclusiveness Facility, managed by the ILO in cooperation with UNDP and co-funded by the Austrian Development Agency and ILO. The Inclusiveness Facility provides an opportunity for the ministries in charge of labour and employment and the public employment services to receive technical assistance and guidance on highly specialised technical topics. This assistance will facilitate the work of the national institutions and enhance the inclusiveness of the labour markets in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia.

*as defined by the UN Security Council Resolution 1244.