Green Jobs

Subregional workshop on Green Jobs

8,000 new jobs could be created in the recycling sector of Serbia according to a UNEP/ILO study if proper policies would have been put in place. Green jobs could play a crucial role in protecting the environment while supporting national economies.

A sub-regional learning and knowledge-sharing workshop was organized in order to provide a forum for governments, employers and workers to discuss and identify these policies.

The workshop on Green Jobs took place in Bečići, Montenegro from 29 September to 1 October 2015  and promoted the creation of green jobs in the Western Balkans. Special emphasis was given to green jobs concepts, tools and current practices and how these relate to the ILO's decent work agenda.

More specifically, the meeting identified opportunities and formulated proposals for green jobs promotion at country level in the Western Balkans by paying particular attention to specific sectors such as waste management, energy supply alternatives and greening of enterprises. Participants increased their skills in promoting and shaping green jobs strategies at national and local level.