Meet the director

How has the ILO responded to the crisis in Ukraine?

Markus Pilgrim, Director of the ILO Office for Central and Eastern Europe explains the impact of the war against Ukraine on the country's labour market, how the ILO has supported the country, and talks about the support needed in the forthcoming months.

Date issued: 13 July 2022 |

The war launched by the Russian Federation against Ukraine caused enormous losses in income and employment. According to an ILO report, about 5 million jobs were lost, and further damage can be anticipated. ILO has been providing help for Ukraine from the start of the war. With the support of its partners, funding have been repurposed to help trade unions and employers provide shelter and food packages for refugees; devise a campaign to prevent human trafficking and forced labour among refugees; and train 300 labour inspectors on psychosocial first aid at the workplace.

In the forthcoming months, the ILO prioritized emergency assistance in five areas:
  • Integration of refugees in the labour market,
  • Income support and cash for work programmes,
  • Economic stabilization measures behind the frontlines,
  • Support for government reforms i.e. labour law reform, and
  • Support for service delivery of trade unions and employers' organizations which suffer from the decrease of revenues from membership fees.