ILO Budapest Newsletter 2019 April

This issue reports on ILO programme developments in the Central and Eastern European region, introduces new projects, and features new publications and interviews with ILO partners.

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Our work in figures

ILO signs new cooperation agreements with three countries from the Western Balkans
The new Decent Work Country Programmes signed with North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia define ILO technical assistance for the next four years addressing key labour market and social protection challenges in these three countries. 

New results

ILO advises Ukraine not to move forward with pension privatization
Interview with experts about global and regional rends of pension reform and the current proposal to partly prioritize the pension system in Ukraine.

ILO helps Ukraine to reduce undeclared work

ILO has been supporting Ukraine since 2016 in fighting undeclared work. New data show that undeclared work is in decline and enrollment in the social security system is significantly increasing.

Ukrainian State Employment Service has far more to offer than unemployment benefits
Out of the 45 million Ukrainians, 1.7 million are unemployed, says the Labour Force Survey of March 2018. Less than 21% of them are registered with the State Employment Service. But where are the rest?

Strengthening workers’ voices – ILO trains trade union leaders and lawyers

Trade unions across the region experience that rights of workers are under threat.  We interviewed participants of an ILO seminar for trade union leaders and asked them to share their insights.

Higher salaries under a leaner and more transparent system: Moldova introduces new public pay system
The Government of Moldova introduced a new unitary pay system in the public sector. ILO together with German GIZ and the European Union provided technical assistance leading to the adoption of the law.

Enhancing youth employability with a new career guidance mobile app in Moldova
A new mobile application launched by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Policy with ILO support will guide and inform Moldovan youth on career paths and employment opportunities.

New projects signed

Promoting Inclusive Labour Market Solutions in the Western Balkans
The new regional ILO project funded by Austria will support labour market institutions to design and implement inclusive policies and programmes for people at risk of social and labour market exclusion.

Improving labour market governance through effective social dialogue in Montenegro
Tripartite social dialogue needs to be stronger in Montenegro. ILO with EU support will boost the capacities of social partners, especially that of trade unions and the Social Council so that they can be more influential advocates on employment and social policies.

Improved national normative framework to protect wages in Ukraine
The new intervention funded from ILO resources will target wage arrears (5% of nationwide payroll), the significant gender pay gap and a minimum wage fixing mechanism in Ukraine.

Young people learn about rights at work in Moldova
ILO will offer information for youth on rights and obligations at work, social protection and the traps of informal employment using gamification techniques with support from the Czech Government.

Strengthening social dialogue in North Macedonia
The EU-funded project aims at improving social dialogue as a means to create more and better jobs in North Macedonia. It will support the participation of social dialogue institutions in policy making.
Also on this project: an interview with Mr. Nicola Bertolini, Head of Cooperation in the EU Delegation to North Macedonia

ILO celebrates its Centenary

Voices from the World of Work in Bosnia and Herzegovina: a video 
In the "Voices from the World of Work" series we interviewed social partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina to hear their thoughts on ILO and the Future of Work.

Documentary films tell gripping human stories of what work means today
ILO marked its Centenary by screening documentaries about labour issues from 7 countries all over the world in collaboration with Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival.

Fresh off the printing press

Report of the Global Commission on the Future of Work
Occupational safety and health in the construction sector in Serbia
Available in English and Serbian
Occupational safety and health in the mining industry in Ukraine
Available in English and Ukrainian
New mobile applications in Stress Prevention, Ergonomics and Ergonomics in Agriculture
Stress Prevention available in English, Macedonian, Serbian, Romanian and Ukrainian
Ergonomics in English, Hungarian, Macedonian and Romanian
Ergonomics in Agriculture in English and Macedonian

Centenary events in the region

Invitation: Voices of change-- a talk show on ILO in Ukraine  (ILO100 Global live event)