ILO Budapest Newsletter 2015 November

This issue focuses on the ILO's work in Moldova, ILO tools and actions to analyze labour market indicators, promote youth employment and HIV counselling and testing at work.

2015 November issue on the web

List of articles
  • Workers are becoming more educated, although not always finding suitable jobs
  • VCT@Work in Ukraine
  • Promoting Job Rich and Sustainable Growth
  • Implementation of an ILO partnership programme in Montenegro
  • Improving workplace safety in the Republic of Moldova
  • Employers come up with proposals to improve business environment in Moldova
  • Youth employment crisis easing but far from over
  • Better labour statistics in the Republic of Moldova
  • Fighting world of work insecurity
  • Resource guides for Ukrainian Migrant Domestic Workers
  • Subregional workshop on Green Jobs
  • A new Action Plan better targeting the needs of young jobseekers
  • More and better jobs for the Ukrainian people are key to recovery
  • New School-to-Work Transition Survey of the Republic of Moldova
  • ILO Director-General in Bulgaria