Ukraine resources

  1. Ukraine: Child labour data country brief

    01 January 2008

    Child labour country brief on current data from SIMPOC surveys based on common indicators

  2. Order No. N740/1030/4154/321/614a of 23 November 2007 on measures on the prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission and social support to HIV-infected children and their families

    23 November 2007

  3. Evaluations: (d) lndependent evaluation of the ILO's country programme of support to Ukraine: 2000–06

    26 September 2007

  4. Independent Evaluation of the ILO's Country Programme to Ukraine: 2000-2006

    01 September 2007

  5. HIV/AIDS workplace policies and programmes GTZ/ILO Partnership (Final Evaluation Summary)

    01 August 2007

    Project INT/02/45/GTZ

  6. La Strada International

    02 May 2007

    The International La Strada Association is a network of nine independent human rights NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) in Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Macedonia, Moldova, the Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine. It aims to prevent trafficking in human beings, with a focus on women in Central and Eastern Europe.

  7. Psycho-social rehabilitation of children withdrawn from trafficking and other worst forms of child labour

    01 January 2007

    The present manual is an example of collaborative effort between organizations and resourcepersons directly involved in the psycho-social rehabilitation of children withdrawn fromtrafficking and other worst forms of child labour in Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine. Wehope it offers an in-depth understanding of the WFCL, and of the psychosocial methodologiesfor the rehabilitation of the child withdrawn from them.

  8. Steps to the elimination of child labour in Central and Eastern Europe: Emerging good practices and lessons learned

    01 January 2007

    These good practices represent the work of a whole range of organizations and bodies involved in efforts to eliminate trafficking and other worst forms of child labour in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition to implementing the various activities described herein, they have been active participants in the process of identifying, documenting, validating and sharing the good practices, of which this document is the fruit.

  9. Act No. 2866-IV of 8 September 2005 to ensure equality of rights and opportunities to women and men (Text No. 561), unofficial English translation

    08 September 2005

  10. Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Portugal and Ukraine on the Temporary Entry of Ukranian Citizens for the Performance of Work in Portugal

    12 February 2003