Ukraine resources

  1. Closing seminar of the Project “Consolidating the legal and institutional foundations of social dialogue in Ukraine”

    The participants in the workshop representing the Ukrainian government, the organizations of employers and trade unions as well as representatives of academia, international organizations, the Embassies of Germany, the United States of America, and France, discussed the main results of the project based on the findings of an independent evaluation.

  2. ILO marks its 90th anniversary with social dialogue for decent work and a fair globalization in Central and Eastern Europe

    Amid the worst financial and jobs crisis since the Great Depression, the International Labour Organization (ILO) marked its 90th anniversary in the week of 21-28 April and in September 2009. During this period, there was a global convergence on the common theme of social dialogue for decent work and a fair globalization in commemorative events in more than 100 countries across the world.

  3. KILM 6th Edition, Chapter 1c, MDG Employment Indicators: Country examples

    06 September 2009

    Chapter 1c looks at the latest available data for Botswana, Pakistan and Ukraine, countries of diverging economic and social contexts, with the aim of demonstrating how the MDG employment indicators can be used as a starting point for a fuller labour market analysis based on a broader set of indicators.

  4. Interactive cultural activities marked the World Day Against Child Labour in 2009 in Central and Eastern Europe

    The annual World Day Against Child Labour was marked by events in scores of countries around the world on 12 June 2009 amid growing concerns over the impact of the economic crisis on child labour, and in particular girls.

  5. Agreement between Ukraine and Spain on the regulation and organization of albour force migratory flows between both States

    12 May 2009

  6. Fifth Conference on “International Perspectives on Law Enforcement Co-operation in Combating Trafficking in Human Beings - Trafficking for Labour Exploitation”

    This conference, organized by the International Organization for Migration and the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine, aims to bring together law enforcement practitioners from Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine, as well as from other selected countries of origin, transit and destination to continue the dialogue relating to practical and operational initiatives within the context of international co-operation in combating human trafficking.

  7. Elimination of human trafficking from Moldova and Ukraine through labour market based measures (Final Evaluation Summary)

    01 February 2009

    Project RER/06/04/EEC - Evaluation Team: Blanka Hancilova, lead evaluator; Senior Partner of Apreco Group; Stephen Rogers, local evaluator Ukraine, Angelina Zaporojan, local evaluator Moldova

  8. Combating Worst Forms of Child Labour including Trafficking in Children in Ukraine 2001-2009

    01 January 2009

    Overview of ILO activities in Ukraine

  9. Decent Work Country Programme for Ukraine 2008-2010

    16 November 2008

  10. Regional Workshop to prepare a network of Trade Union Focal Points in source and destination countries

    The regional workshop is part of the EC funded ILO project “Elimination of human trafficking from Moldova and Ukraine through labour market based measures