Ukraine resources

  1. Ukraine - Short list of priority Decent Work indicators

    30 August 2012

    List of prioritary Decent Work Indicators that are relevant for Ukraine, data sources and data availability.

  2. Ukraine

    30 August 2012

  3. Desk review of research on HIV/AIDS in the world of work

    31 July 2012

    This desk review was conducted by ILO/AIDS as part of the Inter-Agency Task Team on HIV workplace policies/programmes and private sector engagement (IATT/WPPS). It is based primarily on the research documents shared by the IATT members, covering vulnerability studies, stigma and discrimination studies, impact and cost-benefit studies.

  4. Ukraine will strengthen the social and legal protection of migrant workers

    In the context of the global economic “The social and legal protection of labour migrants is currently provided through concluding bilateral agreements and accession to multilateral international agreements”, told Mr. Vasyl Nadraga, First Deputy Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine, to the participants of the Meeting of the Council on Labour Migration of the Ukrainian Citizens in Kyiv on 6 July 2012.

  5. Workshop on ILO Convention No. 181 on Private Employment Agencies

    Ukrainian labour market experts have benefited from a workshop on the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Convention No 181 on Private Employment Agencies.

  6. PROJECT ACTIVITIES: Improving safety and health at work through a Decent Work Agenda

    27 June 2012

    This page highlights the occupational safety and health (OSH) events and activities organized in the five pilot countries within the project framework.

  7. Workshops on Labour Inspection organized for social partners in Irpin, Ukraine

    From 5 to 8 June 2012 two workshops were organized on the role of labour inspection in Irpin, Ukraine, under the project Improving Collective Bargaining and Labour Law Compliance in Ukraine.

  8. National Tripartite Agreement on Employment and Jobs in Ukrainian

    19 June 2012

  9. National Tripartite Agreement on Employment and Jobs

    19 June 2012

  10. Events Report: 2012 World Day for Safety and Health at Work

    18 June 2012

    The document outlines the activities that took place around the world on the occasion of the 2012 SafeDay.