Ukraine resources

  1. ILO Budapest Newsletter 2020 September

    16 September 2020

    This issue reports on ILO response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the Central and Eastern European region, highlighting the new rapid assessment reports in Serbia and Montenegro. It introduces programme results and new projects, and features fresh publications and staff.

  2. Teleworking PPT

    26 August 2020

  3. Teleworking

    26 August 2020

  4. Telework Powerpoint presentation

    16 August 2020

  5. Telework infographic

    16 August 2020

  6. Telework background paper

    16 August 2020

  7. E-TVET in Ukraine: Training continuity and modernization during COVID-19 and beyond

    12 August 2020

    To support the Ministry of Education in rolling out digital TVET, this action will assist Ukraine in piloting e-Learning in TVET in four different occupations.

  8. Improving compliance with key International Labour Standards in Ukraine

    22 July 2020

    The project assists the government, the social partners and the judiciary to respect and apply the fundamental principles and rights at work when developing and implementing new labour legislation.

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    ITUC Global Rights Index 2020 shows workers’ rights violations occur too often in Central and Eastern Europe

    24 June 2020

    The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) released its yearly Global Rights Index in June 2020. This year, the report affirms that the violations of workers’ rights is increasing globally, and is the highest in seven years. For Central and Eastern Europe the ratings indicate that the situation is more stable than globally, but many workers in the region still lack access to rights.

  10. Towards an effective, influential and inclusive social dialogue in Ukraine

    10 June 2020

    The purpose of this Green Paper is to stimulate broad public discussion in Ukraine on how to improve the effectiveness, influence and inclusiveness of social dialogue.