“I couldn’t wait to get started” -- Voices from inclusive workplaces in the Republic of Serbia

Good practice guide for the employment of persons with disabilities

The purpose of this brochure is to support employers in the process of recruiting persons with disabilities. It briefs readers on Serbia’s legal framework, and four illustrative cases present the voices of persons with disabilities and their employers alike.

The guide is intended primarily for small and medium-size enterprises—numerous and often the least informed about their legal obligations—to use as a resource to help understand good practice in the implementation of these obligations. Large enterprises might find it useful as well, and
the guide also is intended to support and inspire persons with disabilities during the job-seeking process.

We hope that readers will better understand the legal requirements and go the extra mile by adding value for their companies by hiring persons with disabilities. We also hope
that this guide will provide sufficient information to persons with disabilities while looking for work. Most importantly, we wish that this guide will contribute to an inclusive society by focusing on the abilities of persons with disabilities as productive members of their local communities.