Croatia resources

  1. National Conference on Decent Work

    A National Conference on Decent Work was held on 20 April 2011 in Zagreb, Croatia with 68 participants, including national experts, Croatian tripartite constituents and representatives of civil society.

  2. Decent Work Country Programme document for Bosnia and Herzegovina 2006-2007

    16 November 2010

  3. Decent Work Country Agenda for Croatia 2010-2011

    16 November 2010

  4. Report of the 6th Meeting of the Labour Law and Labour Relations Network of South Eastern Europe

    01 January 2010

    The present report continues the series of publications which reflect discussions by members of the Network of Experts in Labour Law and Labour Relations (LLN) within the labour ministries of South Eastern European countries on relevant topics related to labour law and industrial relations.

  5. ILO marks its 90th anniversary with social dialogue for decent work and a fair globalization in Central and Eastern Europe

    Amid the worst financial and jobs crisis since the Great Depression, the International Labour Organization (ILO) marked its 90th anniversary in the week of 21-28 April and in September 2009. During this period, there was a global convergence on the common theme of social dialogue for decent work and a fair globalization in commemorative events in more than 100 countries across the world.

  6. Guidelines – Socially-sensitive Labour Force Restructuring in South Eastern Europe

    01 February 2009

    These Guidelines were elaborated with a view to assisting managers, workers’ representatives and governments concerning measures and processes to be considered when restructuring the labour force. They give, first, an overview of the international and European legal framework and principles to be taken as a basis. The detailed measures that can be adopted are then described, with some examples of good practices from Europe. They are intended to contribute to the debate on how best to conduct enterprise restructuring, with a view to improving productivity and at the same time mitigating the effects on the workers.

  7. The Anti-Discrimination Act, Text No. 2728, Law of 9 May 2008 on the suppression of discrimination

    09 May 2008

  8. Decent Work Country Report - Croatia

    01 February 2008

    8th ILO European Regional Meeting, Lisbon, Portugal, 9-13 February 2009. Country background information for the Report of the Director-General

  9. Gender Equality Act of 14 July 2003

    14 July 2003

  10. Agreement between the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Croatia in order to improve their vocational and linguistic skills (Guest Workers Agreement)

    18 September 2002