SCORE Albania Factsheet

ILO SCORE Programme results in Albania 2022

Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises (SCORE) is an ILO global programme that improves productivity and working conditions in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The key intervention of the global programme is the support for the implementation of SCORE Training, which combines practical classroom training with in-factory consulting led by industry experts.

SCORE Training is made up of five core modules, where managers and employees are trained together with a focus on improving workplace cooperation resulting in shared benefits, and the programme ensures that both men and women participate. SCORE Training demonstrates best international practice in the manufacturing and service sectors and helps SMEs to participate in global supply chains.

In Albania, with Swedish funding, overall 108 participants benefited from the SCORE training, out of which 50% are managers, and 50% are workers, with a training satisfaction rate of 80%. All the 9 enterprises benefited from SCORE Basics Module that covers SCORE main traditional modules ‘Quality, Managing Continuous Improvement,’ ‘Productivity Through Cleaner Production,’ ‘Workforce Management for Cooperation and Business Success,’ and ‘Safety & Health at Work: A Platform for Productivity.’

SCORE programme has helped immensely in improving the working environment in participating enterprises. For example, 67% established/activated OSH committee, 44% started analysing work-related risks using risk assessments, 78% performed root cause analysis of accidents. In addition, 67% of participants made an effort to develop workers’ facilities and ensure its cleanliness and sanitation, compared to 10% before training, which is a direct result of SCORE’s emphasis on the relationship between workers’ satisfaction and productivity. Similarly, 44% of enterprises now have a clear mechanism for workers to submit complaints and suggestions, compared to 0% before.