1. ILO Director-General Elect Guy Ryder about the next priorities of the ILO

    25 June 2012

    The UN Regional Information Centre interviewed Guy Ryder, Director-General Elect of the International Labour Organization (ILO), about the next priorities of the ILO. Guy Ryder stressed the urgent need for the Organization to play its role in constructing effective responses to the current jobs crisis, and to ensure that the social protection floor become a real vehicle for providing people with the most basic protection in their work lives.

  2. ILO Director-General Elect Guy Ryder about the ILO-EU partnership

    25 June 2012

    "The ILO and the EU have an essential partnership", says Guy Ryder in an interview with the UN Regional Information Centre in Brussels. Emphasizing the historical aspects of the cooperation of the ILO and the EU, he also considers tomorrow's challenges for both the ILO and the EU. "We will have to work together to find answers to questions at the practical level, like the youth employment crisis that is hitting Europe particularly hard", Ryder says. "Tackling these issues can be done at EU-wide and at national levels", he concludes.