1. ILO Chief calls for immediate action to tackle unemployment

    15 February 2013

    ILO Director General, Guy Ryder, stressed how "world unemployment is still on the rise, and the feeling of the need to act and change is very much on our mind". While addressing the Eurofound 2013 Forum in Dublin, Ireland, Mr. Ryder went on to say how the social investment package offers an important opportunity to begin to move to a different direction, as people need to be brought back to the labour market. He concluded, it is not acceptable to tolerate levels of youth unemployment which are lived in millions of lives of quiet desperation.

  2. "How should the EU finance its baby-boomers' pensions?" Sophie asks ILO expert John Woodall

    21 January 2013

    In Euronews' programme "Utalk", Sophie from Zurich asked ILO Senior Social Security specialist John Woodall how her generation will pay for the pensions of baby-boomers.

  3. The ILO and the EU improving safety and health at work through a Decent Work Agenda (short version)

    30 November 2012

    The European Union and the ILO SAFEWORK programme have engaged in a joint project to improve safety and health at work in Honduras, Malawi, The Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, and Zambia. This video gives an overview of the successes reached in these countries, leading to safe and healthy, decent workplace for all.

  4. Steven Stone (UNEP) on the ways forward towards a green economy after Rio+20

    10 October 2012

    "All governments need to look at how countries spend their money", says the UNEP's expert Steven Stone in an interview with the UN Regional Information Centre in Brussels. We need to change the look at how we create wealth, Steven Stone concluded.

  5. Peter Poschen (ILO) on the impact of the transition to a green economy on the labour market

    10 October 2012

    "The impact on the labour market of the transition to green economy will depend on the policies that countries implement", says the ILO's green jobs expert Peter Poschen in an interview with the UN Regional Information Centre in Brussels. If accompanied by the right policy mix, a green economy can also create more and better jobs, Poschen concludes.

  6. "Has Europe any plan to help young people?" Omar asks ILO expert Theodoor Sparreboom

    25 September 2012

    In Euronews' programme "Utalk", Theodoor Sparreboom (ILO) responds to a question from Omar, 25 years old, on the youth employment crisis in Europe.

  7. Euronews interview: Guy Ryder calls for urgent action on youth unemployment

    18 September 2012

    "We have to get growth and jobs, which are so badly missing today, back on the international policy agenda" says Guy Ryder in an interview with Euronews on the occasion of the September 2012 employment conference of the European Commission. The ILO Director General Elect calls for universal youth guarantees to tackle the youth employment crisis.

  8. ILO Director-General addresses European employment conference

    06 September 2012

    Juan Somavia, the ILO Director-General, addressed the "Jobs for Europe" conference organized by the European Commission on 6 and 7 September 2012 in a special video message. “The challenge is to achieve socially responsible fiscal consolidation in the medium term, while stimulating growth of the real economy in the short term, and to pave the way to the expansion of decent employment”, Juan Somavia said.

  9. Migrant workers: Hidden victims of the economic crisis

    19 July 2012

    Migrant workers are the hidden victims of the economic crisis, especially in the Eurozone. Thousands have lost jobs in construction and other sectors that were heavily dependent on them in boom times. Now unable to send enough money back home,growing numbers rely on the informal economy to get by, according to Steven Tobin, Senior Economist at the International Institute for Labour Studies.

  10. "880.000 people are victims of forced labour in the EU"

    10 July 2012

    Michaëlle de Cock, ILO expert, explains the ILO's forced labour estimates in the European Union. "This is a huge number, much higher than the official statistics", says Michaëlle De Cock.