Towards compensation for exploitation and violence against migrant workers

News | 02 December 2019
Lieve Verboven, Director of ILO-Brussels, chaired a panel discussion in the European Parliament on the action that can be taken at the EU level to compensate for exploitation and violence against migrant workers.

She underlined that many of the ILO’s Conventions, including all eight Fundamental Labour Standards, apply to all workers, including migrant workers and those in an undocumented situation.

The ILO Committee of Experts has clarified that migrant workers including those in an irregular situation have the right to claim their unpaid wages or benefits due in respect of any employment injury.

The ILO Domestic Workers Convention 189 covers all domestic workers, also those in an undocumented situation. Domestic work is a sector in which many female migrant workers are employed. Protecting these workers is difficult, partly because domestic work is a sector that is frequently excluded from labour law as it takes place in the private home.

Ms Verboven also highlighted the newly adopted ILO Convention 190 and accompanying Recommendation, which aim to eliminate violence and harassment in the world of work. This Convention also applies to migrant workers irrespective of their residence status. “This is very important as migrants are very vulnerable to harassment and violence at work,” she concluded.