The ILO and the EU, partners for decent work and social justice: Impact of ten years of cooperation

Brochure on the occasion of ten years of intensified ILO-EU cooperation. This brochure was launched at the tenth ILO-EU high level meeting in Brussels on 5 December 2012.

The ILO and the EU have considerably intensified their cooperation, both within and outside the EU. While their cooperation dates back to 1958, during the last decade it has evolved into a genuine partnership involving concrete operations in the field.

By engaging with the ILO in technical cooperation, including evidence based policy development, the EU contributes to the realization of decent work in practice.

This brochure, published by the ILO, focuses on the multi-faceted dimensions of ILO-EU technical cooperation, both inside and outside the EU. It provides a glimpse of the ILO-EU joint activities in countries all over the world.