1. Cash Allowances to Persons with Disabilities in Lebanon: Position Paper

    06 July 2023

  2. Involvement and Participation of Organizations of Persons with Disabilities: Position Paper

    06 July 2023

  3. Reforming end-of-service indemnity for migrant workers in Member States of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC)

    23 June 2023

    Policy options for the progressive realization of international social security standards

  4. Review of National Social Protection Legislation and Legal Frameworks for Migrant Workers in the Gulf Countries

    23 June 2023

    Extending social protection to migrant workers in the Gulf Countries

  5. Living with disabilities in Lebanon

    21 June 2023

    A snapshot assessment of basic needs, social protection and employment gaps.

  6. ILO’s support to Syrian refugees and host communities

    12 June 2023

    Updates from Jordan, Lebanon, Türkiye, Iraq, Syria and Egypt (June 2023)

  7. Annual Report 2023: An Industry and Compliance Review

    08 June 2023

    Better Work Jordan Reporting period: January - December 2022

  8. Extending social protection to migrant workers in the Arab region

    07 June 2023

    An analysis of existing barriers and good practices in light of international social security standards. This research paper aims to examine barriers to the social security of migrant workers in the Arab region, identify current practices and chart possible avenue for progressive reform.

  9. Social Dialogue and Decent Work in Agriculture Sector: Ways to improve the work environment and application of occupational safety and health (OSH) requirements in Iraq

    31 May 2023

  10. Evaluation of Digital Training Modalities for the Jordanian Garment Sector

    30 May 2023

    This study assesses training needs and experiences in Jordan's garment sector, explores digital training viability, and identifies suitable global solutions for the local context.