ILO Country Brief- Jordan

The ILO report Care at Work: “Investing in Care Leave Policies and Care Services for a More Gender-Equal World of Work” (ILO, 2022) provides a global overview of national laws and practices regarding care policies, namely maternity protection, paternity, parental and other care-related leave policies, as well as childcare and long-term care services. The report presents findings from an ILO legal survey of 185 countries and reviews progress made around the world over the past decade while assessing the persisting and significant legal gaps that translate into a lack of protection and support for millions of workers with family responsibilities across the world.

Drawing on the ILO 2022 report and the results of the ILO Care Policy Investment Simulator (ILO, 2023), this country brief: provides a review of the status and progress of legislation on care policies in Jordan and presents the investment case for a transformative package of care policies in Jordan.