Rapid Assessment of the Needs of Households and Workers Affected by the Earthquake in Aleppo- Syria 2023

This report aims to better understand the needs of households and workers affected by the February 2023 earthquake which struck the Syrian city of Aleppo, parts of which were severely damaged.

In this report, both quantitative and qualitative data were relied on from primary and secondary sources.

Information and data were obtained from secondary sources such as studies, data, statistical bulletins, and reports issued by official, governmental, non-governmental, and international organizations that are relevant to the subject matter. This secondary data contains information that is useful for analysing certain labour market indicators and the working environment.

Primary data was obtained through a survey conducted among a sample of individuals affected by the earthquake, some of whom are already working on debris removal and rehabilitation of earthquake- damaged infrastructure under ILO’s Employment Intensive Investment approach.

The survey was carried out with 402 households, representing over 2,000 individuals in Aleppo. The aim was to gather insights into the earthquake›s impact on the workforce composition, income sources, productive assets, and livelihoods.

The secondary data and primary data have been integrated to form a comprehensive overview of the labour market and system, covering key aspects and trends.