Skills Anticipation Survey - Plastic Sector

The report provides the findings of a skills anticipation survey conducted by the Association of Lebanese Industrialists ALI and ILO between November and December 2022 to assess the skills mismatch among workers and employers in the plastic sector.

The survey questionnaire was sent online to 136 plastic sector companies registered with ALI, and 37 participated. Most of these companies were small to medium-sized enterprises, located throughout the country, and exported varied plastic products.

Results showed a lack of technical and soft skills among current workers and difficulty finding workers with the necessary skills, especially in technical and professional associates and plant and machine operator occupations.

Respondents also reported labour shortages for technicians and machine operators as well as expressed concerns about recruitment difficulties in the coming year causing certain repercussions on their businesses.
Data presented suggests set of actions be put in place to further support economic and employment potentials in this sector.